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Lead Your Own Lead

When: Any Day

Where: Otay Recreation Center [MAP]

Suggested Group Size: 2

Project Number: #40

Recommended For: All-Ages


Exterior doors and window washing (ground floor only), litter patrol, cobweb removal, wash and disinfect exterior trash cans.

Supplies Needed:

Wands, Squeegees, rags, spray bottles, buckets, extension poles, paper towels, dusting heads for cob-web removal, windex, water, power washer.

Protective Equipment:

Closed-toe shoes, dust mask, gloves if desired

Project Leader: Organization Contact:

Stephen Mosca - PW staff

Staff Contact:

Sue Ellen Castrellon

Partner Organization:

Public Works


You only need to register those in your group who are at least 10 years old.

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